Welcome to Wona!

Welcome to Wona!

or Whats On Next App.

We are building Wona for you. We realised that a 21st Century problem is working out what to watch on streaming services. We’re spoilt for choice. Growing up in New Zealand, we only had two channels to watch and you took what we were given. Today living in London, I have access to over 20 streaming platforms each with scores of choices. Because of this choice, we are far more choosy about what we watch – if you have an hour spare to watch TV, you don’t want to watch rubbish. I’ve often spent more time trying to choose what to watch, than actually watching.

We realised that most people choose what to watch from recommendations from friends and influencers. The algorithms from the streaming services are imperfect – they don’t know enough about us and they are distorted when others use your profile. Wona is all about people creating and sharing lists of Movies, TV programmes and YouTube videos. Like horror, follow lists made by others who like horror – or any other genre you fancy.

Wona is about to go live in a very beta form – than means it’s far from perfect but we want your feedback, so we can adapt and improve, so please bare with us in these early days. We only have a small development team and there are laws about chaining them to their desks for 20 hours a day! Let us know though the comments, our socials or feedback forms what you think. We have also produced a few guides as to how to get the most out of Wona – you can access these here.

If you like Wona, please share with your friends. The more of your friends that sign up, the more useful Wona becomes for you!

We’re going to use this blog to let you hear from members of the team as we embark on this journey. We hope you will come along for the ride!

Shane Frith
CEO and founder
London, 22 December 2023

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